Paradise Salon Himachal Pradesh

Surinder Paul – The Hair Master

Surinder paul sumbriya (Raju) is a renowned meditative beautician. He began his career with such a unique and lovely vision to bring the best out of the people and shape the world of beauty to excellence, health, and wonders. He exhibits wonderful vibes of happiness, gladness, love, beauty and fragrance. What is all the more exciting is that he is a youthful and energetic personality. He began with this idea in mind that he could bring the change, only if he gives the best to serve the world of beauty, health, and glamour. With this spirit to serve and with an idea to be of use to the world at large, he took this initiative in 1992 and success came to him knocking at every step.All we can say is that his talent is nothing less than a charisma. This is all because Raju is crystal clear at his heart, mind and spirit.


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