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 Wax does remove unwanted hair and tan. wax are used by good quality for ex. sleek, rica ,Brazil, katori wax & Sara wax. Almost any area of the body can be wax, including eyebrows, face,legs,arms,back & feet. There are many types of waxing suitable for removing unwanted hair.Strip waxing (soft wax) is accomplished by spreading a wax thinly over the skin.


  1.  NORMAL TO DRY SKIN- banana wax .
  2.  NORMAL TO SENSITIVE SKIN-strawberry wax.
  3. NORMAL TO HARD SKIN- dark chocolate wax.
  4. NORMAL TO OILY SKIN- orange wax.
  5. TAN remove to white chocolate wax.
  6. NORMAL SKIN- honey wax.

Quickly pull off the wax strip in the opposite direction to the hair growth. Remember to pull your hand across rather than straight up. Press your hand against the waxed area for a few seconds to help with the pain. Repeat this process with the other eyebrow, then use a tweezers to clean up any hairs. And after wax can’t use the soap & water 2 hrs.


Advantages of Hot Waxing:

  • It works well onto small patches of strong coarse hair.
  • The hot wax get a better grip of the hair than warm wax.
  • It does not leave a sticky residue like warm wax.
  • It is a good for removing shorter hairs.
  • More suited to those with sensitive skin.
  • There is less reddening on the skin following hot waxing.
  • Great for intimate areas.
  • Hygienic waxing process as one pot is used per client.

Disadvantages Of Hot Wax:

  • The application and removal of hot wax is slower than warm wax, as the wax needs to dry.
  • It is difficult to wax large areas using the hot waxing method.

Sara white chocolate Brazilian wax enriched with real white chocolate removes the hair from the root for a long period of time and helps in soothing the skin. Suitable on sensitive areas. Growth time is so short .



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