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Bleaching your skin is a controversial subject and one that certainly raises many questions and concerns. Also referred to as skin whitening or skin lightening, skin bleaching involves using chemicals to lighten up the tone of the skin, or to bring about a more even and uniform complexion on people who may have uneven skin tones.

some chemicals will result in a lightening of the skin, the risks involved are concerning. Can result in significant short and long term damage to the skin.

People who have birthmarks, moles or other hyper pigmentation conditions might consider bleaching as an option to return their skin to a more uniform tone.

The skin where the bleaching is applied, usually on the face, can become thinner over time. Hair lightening effect, all skin type.

Additionally, an increase in pigmentation may even occur around the eyes. This can result in darker eye circles – a result certainly not in line with the original intention of skin bleaching.

If you are considering skin bleaching, is it always best to have it done by a trained professional.

What Products Are Effective?

Hydroquinone is one of the main ingredients used in the skin bleaching process. It is available as a 2% or 4% concentration depending upon if it is being used in a cosmetic or pharmaceutical grade product.

The reason that hydroquinone is so widely used in skin bleaching and in skin lightening products is because it has been proven to inhibit the production of melanin. This does not actually result in the bleaching of the skin, but instead makes it appear lighter.

A More Natural Option?

A more natural alternative to Hydroquinone is Arbutin, which is often used in some of the natural skin lightening products. This ingredient also stops the production of melanin and thus can be effective for skin lightening.So is skin lightening that doesn’t use natural ingredients a safe option for people who want to improve the tone and pigmentation of their face?


  • Tanning Removed 
  • Skin lightening
  • It balance un-even skin tone.


Cleaner,Toner, Scrub, Steaming,Cream/Gel, Pack, according to skin types. Last apply sunblock/moisturizing according to requirement.

If you have concerns about bleaching your skin, or using skin lightening products to help improve the tone of your skin,is your dermatologist to determine the best course of action for you.This is special techniques and touch for would be skin care and very popular among soon-to-be skin for Paradise’s skin care in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh.


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