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Paradise Special

Paradise has experts who specialize in their services and ensures your service is always being handled by an expert with concentrated hair training and salon experience

Surinder paul sumbriya (Raju): He is a renowned meditative beautician. He began his career with such a unique and lovely vision to bring the best out of the people and shape the world of beauty to excellence, health, and wonders. He exhibits wonderful vibes of happiness, gladness, love, beauty and fragrance. What is all the more exciting is that he is a youthful and energetic personality. He began with this idea in mind that he could bring the change, only if he gives the best to serve the world of beauty, health, and glamor.

Ruby Sumbriya as Director Makeup at paradise Salon & Spa: It’s our guarantee that you will look your best on the Big Day. Vidya has no doubt the favorite with the Indian brides, particularly in Himachal Pradesh where she is the reigning queen in the field of bridal makeup.

What makes Ruby the wedding makeup artist in Kangra is so special: over two decades of experience in the makeup industry and well -Known for her versatility. She is an expert in managing wedding season rush with subtle yet sure strokes. She can take you into completely different realms — from smoky to well-defined and understated to high drama.

 Paradise special: It has three special services:

  • Paradise Hair Cut & Treatment.
  • Paradise Facial.
  • Bridal Make-Up.


  1.  HD Air brush make-up.       
  2. Make Studio & Mace Bridal.
  3. Thi Bridal Make-up. 
  4. Paradise Asian Makeup.


  1.  Anti Ageing Treatment.
  2. Acne Treatment.
  3. Whiting Treatment.
  4. Anti Blemishing Treatment.
  5. Skin Peeling Treatment.


  1. Protein Treatment.
  2. Super silk Treatment.
  3. Keratin Treatment.
  4. Paradise Straight Therapy.








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