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Hair treatment is a most important for damage hair.These are for you if you have chemically damaged hair or breaking or weak hair. They are often a combination of protein and moisture as pure protein treatments used incorrectly can leave the hair brittle. … Great for frizzy, dry hair and those of you with curly hair that lacks bounce.

The Latest Fashion Trends And Techniques –  We at Paradise also provide personalized hair care advice and services. We have expert artists with years of experience in hair styling, dressing, and hair treatments. We take hair makeover to the next level with our awesome team of stylists.

Hair Treatment Tips & Tricks:
For a particularly intensive treatment, work the hair treatment into your hair strand by strand and from the roots to the ends. While this method takes a little more effort, it guarantees that the hair treatment completely covers every single hair. This makes the hair treatment even more effective. Practical restorative hair treatments can be applied as the spray and left in the hair without rinsing. The oil content in these leave-in treatments is relatively low and they, therefore, don’t weigh down your hair. These treatments are also well suited for fine hair.

paradise wedding castle hair treatmentTYPES OF HAIR TREATMENTS:

  • HAIR SPA – smooth & shining hair.
  • SUPERSILK TREATMENT- provide the protein to hair.
  • KERATIN TREATMENT- smoothing hair treatment.
  • REBOUNDING- a flat look hair & shine hair.

Everyday problems like dandruff, dry hair and hair fall are treated to give you a healthy and shiny hair that you have always dreamt of. And for those who want beautiful colored hair, we use ammonia free hair color that keeps your hair healthy and also gives you the color you wish for.


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